Who Am I?

I'm a deeply inquisitive and driven UX designer that's highly interested in the way we interact with the world around us, and the reasons we behave the way we do. This is the driving force behind pretty much everything I attempt to learn, solve, or work with.

What Do I Do?

I'm a Multidisciplinary Interaction Designer. I like designing products from start to end, but am just as comfortable perfecting one small piece of the puzzle. I design both physical and digital products, but digital design is my primary speciality.

What is My Design Approach?

I'm analytical and think in terms of systems. I break problems down into first principles to really understand them before delving into ideation. My design process can therefore vary quite a bit depending on the problem and contexts I'm facing.

Currently Learning:

Figma Plugin Development and API,
PyTorch for Machine Learning,
Cinema 4D